Telling Stories

I always have good intentions that I'm going to keep this thing up to date, but I never seem to do it.  I really don't know why.  I get to do a lot of things and I'd love to tell people about them.  I just don't.  And it's gotten to the point where it's starting to bug me.  It's about time I got around to doing it.

For instance, I spent almost 2 months working in Maryland as a photographer for a newspaper.  A lot of people didn't know that.  Of course, if you're hooked into my Facebook page you know it because I posted a lot of the pix and snaps of the front pages.  Talk about living the dream.  I really was.  It wasn't just that I was getting to take pictures and being challenged every time I went out.  Yeah, that was a whole lot of fun.  But I didn't just show up and make some pictures and leave.  Sure, I did some of that to be honest.  Most of the time, though, it was much more than that.  Unfortunately, I had to call it quits because financially, it was killing me.  But the experience was priceless and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do it.


The first time my photos were featured in an article on the front page.

I am a nice guy, but  (by nature?) a very introverted person.  I don't do well talking with folks I don't know.  Sometimes, even with people I know and actually like.  In a networking type of situation, I'm looking for the door.  I'm the guy in the back of the room or the one looking extremely uncomfortable.  Cindy says I'm a whole lot better than I was when we first met six years ago, but it's still not my strong suit.  I have always been curious about people, but not one to make the connections.

The only time I'm a lot different about meeting and talking to new people is when I have my camera in my hand.  Then the shyness/introversion/insecurity seems to somehow disappear.  Well, sort of.  I'm able to talk to them and ask them questions and get to know something about them.  I'm listening and learning.  How else do you show the specialness of someone in a picture unless you know something about them?

What was really cool about the newspaper gig was that I learned something about myself.  Here I'm showing up in these people's lives to take their pictures for publication, and they welcomed me in to do my thing.   They trusted me.  It really inspired me  that I got to meet and talk to so many different people.  And to learn their stories which they were more than happy to share with me.  They were fascinating.  They were inspiring.  I wanted to tell these stories.  Not just their pictures, but some of the stories that they told me.  I think people want to know these stories.  So, they can be inspired like I was.  And I want to tell them.

I started to think about it.  That's really what I want to do with my pictures.  It's not about the equipment or the techniques or the cool lighting.  Yeah, they all have a major place in my photography and always will.  I've always wanted to capture something that I see that someone else may not.  Maybe in a different way.  But telling people's stories with my photos and my words is something that I haven't really tried on a regular basis.  Or even the stories behind the photographs.  Yes, even my stories.

I think the time has come.  And this is the place to start doing it.