Throwback Thursday - Gus Bradley

I see a lot of folks posting old photos on their social media for what's become known as Throwback Thursday.  Most of the time they are photos of when they were kids or their kids were younger or their friends caught in some embarrassing predicament from long ago.

I've decided to do something like that, only different.  What I'm going to do is post one of my photos that I've gotten compliments on or that I love, and give you a bit of the back story behind it.  Either how I came to make the image or what was going on or how I was able to pull it off.  You may be surprised that things are not always what they seem.

And I'm not talking about photoshop here.  For the record, I do very little photoshopping of my images.  For most, I do none at all.  I do use Lightroom to tweak my photos some, but very rarely do I even open Photoshop.

For this first edition of Throwback Thursday, I've chosen this image of the Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach, Gus Bradley.


Nice portrait, right?  Looks like we got together in a studio, set up some lights and got him to hold the helmet of his new team with the backdrop behind him.  Right?

Not exactly.  This was taken at the press conference where the Jags introduced him to the city.  This was at the end of the presser, but there were lots of reporters and photographers and video guys all wandering around, vying for attention and trying to get their shots and ask their questions.  There were people walking behind and sports drinks on the table behind him.  The lights were what was "available".....the video lights from the TV crews.  I was in a line with about half a dozen other photogs jockeying for position.  And we had about 3-5 minutes to get a shot and he was off to be interviewed.  He wasn't posing really; he was moving the entire time.  I tried to position myself  to get the best angle and eliminate the distractions.  When he turned toward me, as someone was asking him a question from behind me, I snapped this picture.  I had to crop it close to eliminate an arm and a bottle on his left side.  I brightened it up a bit in post, but that's pretty much it.

When I came away and started to look through my photos, I knew that I had gotten one I really liked.  It is one of my favorites.  Luckily, Gus is pretty easy to photograph.  I hope to get lots more of him during the Jaguars games this year.