Madeline and Kate At Work

I had the pleasure the other day of photographing the ladies at Citrona Homes and Rebos Travel, Madeline Richard and Katherine Marie.  Their office is located in a beautifully restored house on S. 8th Street in downtown Fernandina.

I'm trying to do more environmental portraiture of folks at work.  The idea is to make images that tell the story of you and your organization for you to use in publications and on your websites.  With the prevalence  of social media these days, it's important that you have images on your web pages that convey to your present and potential clients how great it is to work with you.  These ladies saw the work I do and they were enthusiastically in.

And what fun we had!  They weren't sure what they were in for.  Apparently they had both had some bad experiences with some photographers in the past.  When I showed up they were excited but a bit apprehensive as well.  As we talked and started making some pictures, that quickly went away.  We were laughing and joking and just having a good old time.  Madeline even pulled out her camera and started taking pix of me taking pix of Kate.  I think you'll see some of it in these photos.


I really had a blast doing this.  And I think we got some great results.  Here are some of my favorites....


And probably my most favorite of all....


If you need some photos of you and your staff at work, contact me nowl and we'll set something up.  I'm sure we could make some images that tell the story of your business or organization in a way that will cement that connection you have with clients, customers and fans.  If you'd like to see more samples of my portraiture, please click on over to <a href="" rel="nofollow">my website</a>.  As always, I welcome your comments.