Muralist Shaun Thurston

A few Saturdays ago, I got to head on down to Riverside to photograph Shaun Thurston for EU Jacksonville. Shaun is creating a mural outside The Salty Fig located at King and College Streets. The mural is going down the side of the building on the College Street side. There seems to be a movement in Jacksonville to add more art to the buildings in the City, and Shaun has completed several projects and has more in the works.  He has also completed several in Atlanta.  It will take Shaun about 5 months to complete this mural.  There are a lot of logistics involved and steps to be completed in order to arrive at the finished piece.  It's not just throwing paint up on a wall.  But Shaun feels pretty confident that he'll finish this one right on schedule.

EUJ_July13_Page 1.jpg

My photo of Shaun Thurston featured on the cover of EU Jacksonville

When I first arrived that Saturday, Shaun was a bit quiet.  Guess he wasn't quite sure what to make of me.  Although he told me that he'd been photographed several times in relation to his work.  I'm sure he was also thinking about how the impending showers were going to affect his progress that day.  I took some preliminary photos of him at work, and then the rain came down, so he (and I) had to gather up all our equipment and run inside for cover.

This is the article, including my photos....

EUJ_July13_Page 14-15-1.jpg
EUJ_July13_Page 14-15-2.jpg

Once the rain had stopped, I was able to get a few more shots of Shaun.  But by this time, he'd lightened up a bit.  And then we began to have some fun with it.  I told him that what most people tend to do on shoots like this would be the arms crossed with a brush in hand.  His response?  "Well, we can't do that then!"  Here are some of those images....

Shaun Thurston-20.jpg
Shaun Thurston-23.jpg
Shaun Thurston-25.jpg
Shaun Thurston-24.jpg

This is another mural that Shaun completed over Chamblin's bookstore downtown.


Meeting Shaun and chatting with him about his work was very cool.  We've already stopped by to see his progress and there has been quite a bit.

I appreciate the opportunity to make these images, Shaun and EU.  I love doing this kind of work and hope to do much more of it in the future.  If you or a friend or a client need some environmental portraiture done, please contact me.

While this photo wasn't included in the article, it was one of my favorites and I thought I'd share it.

Shaun Thurston-18.jpg