Jaguars vs Dolphins in Pre-Season

Friday was my first time back on the field at Everbank Field for a football game since the Gator Bowl last January. It was the first time I got to shoot a night game there. It was also the first time I got to shoot a Jaguars game in almost two years. And it felt really good to be out there, even though I was extremely rusty at shooting the game.


It was also the first game for Coach Gus Bradley as the head coach. I like Coach Bradley. I have since he was introduced to all of us a few months ago. The man is high energy, extremely positive, and has a fantastic work ethic. I'm really hoping that all of that rubs off on the team.


What wasn't new or different or exciting was the lackluster play of the Jaguars on the field. With all of the changes that have been made, the problems remain. Sure, I know that it's just pre-season and there were several high points to the game. When the defense sacked Miami's Ryan Tannehill twice on the first drive, I thought we were going to see something interesting. And there was more decent play on both sides of the ball.


But for the must part, it wasn't what most of us were hoping for. Our quarterback problems remain. Or, should I say, our team still lacks a clearly defined quarterback leader to take the team to new heights. Neither Blaine Gabbert nor Chad Henne could put together any kind of a consistent drive to score a touchdown. Henne did have a scoring drive, but it lead to only 3 points on a Josh Scobee kick. If we're to get anywhere this season, one of them has to be anointed as the lead dog and he's got to act like it. So far, that just isn't happening.


This is not to say that it was all the quarterbacks' fault. There were muffed punts, dropped passes, a missed kick, unnecessary penalties in inopportune moments that would come back to bite the Jags several times. Miami, on the other hand, was not above capitalizing on the Jags' mistakes. But it's just the first game of preseason, right?


While it may appear so,  I am not down on the Jags. Quite the contrary, actually. I think they have their problems, but I think they are on the right long as they can get the QB situation worked out quickly.

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The next game I get to shoot will be the third pre-season game in two weeks, as the Jaguars take on MY team, the Philadelphia Eagles. It's one of those games that no matter what happens, I'm going to be a winner. Or, depending on the way you look at it, a loser. Still, I am looking forward to it, that's for sure.