52 Portraits

This is the time that everybody starts planning for the new year with resolutions and projects and such. Well, I've decided that my personal project for 2015 will be one of those 52 Portrait Projects. I plan on doing (at least) one portrait a week in a variety of styles, using different types of lighting. I haven't got anything specific in mind right now, but if you'd like to be a part of it, send me a message or email. I'm really interested in doing environmental portraits of some sort with different kinds of folks in a variety of situations. If you know someone that might be a great candidate or has a particular skill or a cool uniform or an amazing room in their home or business or ???, please let me know. I am open to all kinds of possibilities right now and I'd love to hear your ideas. Old, young, athletes, dancers, musicians, business people, politicians, police, fire, teachers, strange occupations, interesting or not, leaders, followers.....whatever. This time next year I want to have amassed an incredible body of portraits.

This is the first one in my 52 Portraits Project. We took Alyssa to the beach yesterday, and as always, she was non-stop from the minute we got there. The beach is definitely her happy place and she was in her element. I think this captures her well.


To start the project, I wanted to do something environmental using all natural light with the D750 that Nikon lent me. Probably my favorite thing about the camera so far is the movable LCD screen. It let me get a really low angle of view without having to lie on my belly. I took this holding the camera a few inches above the water. I think it really makes a difference and can foster some creativity.

Here are a few more shots from our time at the beach using the D750...

Oh, and critiques are welcome!