My Saturdays

When I set out to write a blog post a day for seven days, I forgot about my Saturdays.  While most folks work their hardest during the week, Saturdays are the craziest days of the week for me.  I can go a day or two during the week with very little to do, but come that first day of the weekend, I always start early and finish late.

Take last day started at 7AM.  I had an interview and pictures to make of a beekeeper and her class of hopeful beekeepers for an article in First Coast Magazine. I did the interview and then sat in and learned with the class about having honeybees in your own backyard. Having been a farmer for many years, this was really pretty cool. I got all the photos I needed....or way more than I'd ever need. I had one casualty before I left; one of my most used lenses sustained a bit of damage while we were outside learning about the hives. So I had to head back home to pick up a backup before I could move on.

Then I was off to my next assignment, the Jaguars Rookie Camp for the Times-Union.  For me, the big talk with my photo buddies was about the photos I had gotten the day before of Dante Fowler, Jr and that the AP had picked them up and they were appearing across the country.  This was the second time in two weeks that this had happened. But, you're only as good as the photos you got today. So, I went about getting images of the guys that the Times Union  writers said that they'd be needing in the coming weeks.

After the rookie camp was over, I walked over to the Collective Con event that was going on at the Fairgrounds for my next TU assignment.  There were all kinds of people in cosplay costumes and vendors catering to collectors of all sorts of that kind of stuff.  And there were meet and greets with the stars and artists of this world that the attendees got to meet and take photos with.  It's not something that's easily described in words.  Pictures do a much better job.

I had to file my photos with the Times-Union, but I also had to get down to St. Augustine to be able to shoot that little ol' band from Texas, ZZ Top.  These guys are at the top of my concert photo bucket list, so there was no way I was going to miss this.  I figured I'd be able to get down to the amphitheatre and send my photos in using their wifi.  It sounded like a plan.  And if I left then, I might be able to avoid the traffic congestion that is normal before a concert at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Yeah, that didn't happen.  I got stuck in it even though I was early. Actually, after getting through the traffic and backing into my parking spot, the radiator in my Jeep blew up.  Literally. I lifted the hood, and there was a big old three inch hole in the top of it.With water and anti-freeze and steam all over the place.  But I didn't have time for that. I had pictures to get in. As soon as I was sure of what the problem was, I went in to the amphitheatre.

At first I went to the media tent to work on my photos, but it was so bright, I couldn't see anything on the computer screen. Uh oh. I tried, but it was pretty pointless. So, I got permission to sit in one of the offices behind the ticket office  to get it done.  Success! And it was quite comfortable too.  I did however miss the guy who had been added as an opening act, but I was there to see Jeff Beck and ZZ Top, so I didn't really worry about that. My pictures got transmitted and that's what mattered at that moment.

Then it was time for the show......and it was a good one.  Camera angles weren't the best, but the music was.  We got the first two songs from Jeff Beck and first three of ZZ Top. 


I had finally gotten to see ZZ Top again.  It had been awhile.  And this was the first time I got to do it with my camera in hand.  Yeah, I was happy.

Then it came time to deal with the reality of my radiator with the big hole in the top of it.  Luckily, Cindy's daughter's boyfriend is a mechanic. He picked up a new radiator and brought it down.  It was a bit of a struggle to replace it in the empty parking lot, but we got it done and I was able to drive my tired Jeep on home.  By the time I got there and crawled into bed, it was about 2:30 in the morning. About then I realized I hadn't eaten anything all day, but I was too tired to deal with it.  And I had church and another assignment for the TU in the morning.

But that's pretty much how my Saturdays go.  Yesterday, I shot little t-ball, soccer and basketball players for an I9 league for eight hours, went home, grabbed something quick to eat, got myself cleaned up, and I went off to shoot the prom for a small Christian school.  It was a lot of fun....but I didn't get home till almost midnight. At least we didn't have to do any major mechanical work this week.

And I'll be ready to do pretty much the same kind of thing next Saturday.